Sophie Catalou

A New York attitude, with Barcelona roots.

That’s the idea behind the international children’s brand Sophie Catalou. 

With our imaginative and cosmopolitan designs, your girl is going to look her best, whether she’s a newborn or a young teen. 

Our selection of elegant and casual pieces are made using gorgeous fabrics that come bursting with ruffles, flowers and bows -- perfect for girls from birth to 14 years old. 

If the premium cotton fabrics, knits and prints and rich dyes don’t have you browsing our catalog yet, perhaps our ethical approach will. Every one of our garments is created in our very own, ethically-maintained factory using local materials and exquisite handcrafted embellishments and prints. 

Made for girly-girls to dress up or down

Whether you’re choosing an everyday dress, a special occasion piece or a simple separate, Sophie Catalou’s collection offers just the right selection, without looking over-the-top or overdone. 

Elegant gear for in-between ages

Have a finicky, opinionated tween in your household, who wants to look “all grown up”? Sophie Catalou’s elegant and chic -- and age-appropriate -- gear will help you strike just the right balance between the girl’s desire and the mom’s restraint. 

Don’t forget the family pictures

Whether it’s for back to school, a birthday, or those family photos, let Sophie Catalou style out your girl tribe. Go double and choose a matching outfit for a pair of sisters. And speaking of “twin” outfits, even some moms report fitting our big girl sizes! 

While you’re shopping for that special event, don’t overlook our selection of necklaces, bags, and other party favors that your girls will love. 

For elegant and casual, comfortable and cute -- with an international flair -- come to Sophie Catalou. 

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